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Mister John

Directed by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy
95 min / 2013 / Ireland, Singapore, UK / English / Drama
Press (15)
Stills (7)
To escape his troubles at home in Ireland, Gerry adopts his deceased brother's life in Singapore.


Aidan Gillen (Games of Thrones, The Wire, The Dark Knight Rises)
Zoe Tay (Love...And Other Bad Habits)
Michael Thomas
Claire Keelan (The Trip)


Writers/Directors: Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy (Helen)
Producers: David Collins (Once), Fran Borgia, Joe Lawlor
Production Designer: Daniel Lim, Steve Blundell
Director of Photography: Ole Birkeland
Composer: Stephen McKeon
Sound Designer: Niall Brady


Edinburgh International Film Festival
Bordeaux International Film Festival
Hamptons International Film Festival
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