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Family Life

Directed by Alicia Scherson, Cristian Jimenez
81 min / 2017 / Chile / Spanish / Drama
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While house-sitting for a distant cousin, a lonely man fabricates the existence of a vindictive ex-wife withholding his daughter in order to gain the sympathy of the single mother he has just met.


Writers/Directors: Alicia Scherson (Il Futuro, Tourists), Cristian Jimenez (Bonsai, Voice Over)
Producers: Carlos Olivares, Fernando Bascunan
Cinematographer: Cristian Petit Laurent
Art Direction: Jorge Zambrano
Costume Designer: Javier Espinosa
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Composer: Caroline Chaspoul, Eduardo Henriquez


Jorge Becker
Gabriela Arancibia
Blanca Lewin
Cristian Carbajal


Sundance Film Festival
Rotterdam Film Festival
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