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Directed by Sebastian Hofmann
96 min / 2018 / Mexico, Netherlands / Spanish / Drama
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A young father takes his family to the perfect holiday resort, only to discover that they must share their room with another family due to a clerical error. And the other family is selfish and really annoying. And better at sports. And he's the only one who doesn't like them.


Director: Sebastian Hofmann (Halley)
Writers: Julio Chavezmontes, Sebastian Hofmann
Producer: Julio Chavezmontes
Cinematographer: Matias Penachino
Editors: Sebastian Hofmann, Nathalie Alonso Casale, Yibran Assuad
Production Designer: Claudio Ramirez Castelli
Music: Giorgio Giampa


Luis Gerardo Mendez (Club of Crows, The Noble Family)
Miguel Rodarte (Saving Private Perez)
Andres Almeida
Cassandra Ciangherotti (The Hours with You)
Montserrat Maranon
RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad)


Sundance Film Festival
Rotterdam Film Festival
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