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This Teacher

Directed by Mark Jackson
95 min / 2018 / USA / Arabic - English - French / Drama - Thriller
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When a reunion with her childhood friend proves disastrous, a French Muslim woman escapes to a remote cabin in upstate New York, only to have her self-reflective retreat disrupted by an Islamophobic American couple.


Director: Mark Jackson (War Story)
Writers: Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson
Producers: Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson, Gigi Graff, Josh Mandel, Javier Gonzalez
Cinematographer: John Barr
Editors: Mark Jackson, Gary Chan


Hafsia Herzi (Cesar Award Winner, The Secret of the Grain)
Sarah Kazemy (Circumstance)
Lucy Walters
Kevin Kane
Lev Gorn


Los Angeles Film Festival


US Fiction Award - LA Film Festival
Best Cinematography - BendFilm
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