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If the Dancer Dances

Directed by Maia Wechsler
87 min / 2018 / USA / English / Documentary
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If the Dancer Dances follows one of New York City's top modern dance companies as they struggle to reconstruct an iconic work by the legendary Merce Cunningham, revealing what it takes to keep a dance - and a legacy - alive.


Director: Maia Wechsler (Sisters in Resistance)
Producers: Lise Friedman, Maia Wechsler
Cinematographers: Eric Phillips-Horst, Alex Rappoport, Victoria Sendra, Scott Sinkler
Editor: Mary Manhardt
Composer: Paul Brill


Stephen Petronio
Gus Solomons Jr.
Andrea Weber
Davalois Fearon
Gino Grenek
Stephen Petronio Company


Raindance Film Festival
Dance on Camera Festival
Flatlands Dance Film Festival
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