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Initials S.G.

Directed by Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia
98 min / 2019 / Argentina, Lebanon, USA / English - Spanish / Comedy - Drama
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Down on his luck, an aging Serge Gainsbourg wannabe struggles with an acting career he can't seem to get on track, an affair he doesn't want, and a crime he didn't mean to commit.


Writers/Directors: Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia (H.)
Producers: Ivan Eibuszyc, Georges Schoucair, Shruti Ganguly, Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia
Cinematographer: Roman Kasseroller
Editors: Leandro Aste, Daniel Garcia
Composers: Bill Laurance, Maciej Zielinski


Diego Peretti (10 Days Without Mom)
Julianne Nicholson (I, Tonya, Monos)
Daniel Fanego (Everybody Has a Plan)
Malena Sanchez
Francisco Lumerman


Tribeca Film Festival


Nora Ephron Award - Tribeca Film Festival
Best Film Award - Fine Arts Film Festival
Best Actor, Diego Peretti - Fine Arts Film Festival
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