Buyers see the light as Visit starts sales on Cave

Visit Films has started talks with buyers on Werner Herzog’s 3D documentary Cave Of Forgotten Dreams after acquiring international sales excluding the UK, Japan and select television rights.

Company president Ryan Kampe has licensed French rights to Metropolitan. The film premiered at Toronto and recounts the discovery of wall paintings in the Chauvet Cave in central France dating back some 30,000 years.

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams will play in special presentation here and previously sold to IFC for the US, Picture House for the UK, Against Gravity for Poland and Star Sands for Japan.

‘We have been in love with the film since its Toronto premiere and are so pleased to be working with Werner and his team,’ Kampe said. ‘Werner’s singular vision has allowed him to craft a film which uses 3D to its full effect and helps bring the medium away from popcorn movies and into films of true substance and beauty.’

Visit’s EFM slate include the Sundance pair Jess + Moss from Clay Jeter which screens in Generation here, as well as Ali Samadi Ahadi’s German-Iranian documentary and Lola entry The Green Wave.

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