Cold Weather in the New York Times

An Indie Gumshoe in Oregon’s Gloom

COLD WEATHER, the third feature by young filmmaker Aaron Katz, begins in the modestly introspective vein of many a low-budget American indie. On an indefinite break from college, Doug has returned home to Portland, Ore., where he’s staying with his sister, Gail. The film appears poised to explore their shared history and private uncertainty, the simultaneous distance and closeness that sometimes defines adult sibling dynamics.

But with little warning, odd elements start creeping in, as if from another movie. Clues to shadowy goings-on are discovered in motel rooms and amid library stacks. The mopey protagonist turns intrepid gumshoe. There is a missing suitcase of money, and there are occasions for stakeouts and chases — just like in the movies.

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