The Missing Person’s Michael Shannon nominated for an Academy Award

He’s a long shot to win. It’s pretty clear the late Heath Ledger’s going to win. But Michael Shannon—former longtime Chicagoan and current Brooklynite, as is his partner, actress Kate Arrington, and their daughter, Sylvie—woke up Thursday to the news he’d been nominated for a supporting actor Academy Award, for his performance as the excoriating, electroshocked mathematician in ‘Revolutionary Road.’

‘I couldn’t be happier,’ Shannon said Thursday, speaking by phone from a hotel in Park City, Utah. The actor’s attending the Sundance Film Festival this year. He is there with two pictures. One was screened in competition: ‘The Greatest,’ starring Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon, with Shannon in a supporting role. The other, ‘The Missing Person,’ filled an out-of-competition slot and showcases Shannon in a leading part, that of an alcoholic private eye. He was surprised, he said.

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